In Lutsk, divers around the city beach were pulled out of an “invisible danger”

Spreading algae, twice as big as human growth, branch and glass bottles, became the catches of the Dniester diving and rescue group in the Volyn region, which, at the initiative of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”, for two days cleaned the water area of ​​the Styr river on the central beach of Lutsk.

For the Lucians it is a popular place for recreation and sports. On the beach there is a rescue post. According to his employees, though, at first glance, the river looks rather calm, but at the depths of the holidaymakers there is an invisible danger.

Spread algae sometimes reach several meters, and thin stems can become a trap even for experienced swimmers.

Ivan Shevchuk, head of the group of diving and rescue work of the SNFSS Department in the Volyn region, said:

“We did not find any material items that would be a danger to life, but last May our group pulled out a big deck and a concrete slab just in this place. This year, there are a lot of algae. If you get into such thickets, it’s sometimes difficult to escape, especially If a person is panicked, the body is trapped in chaotic, sharp movements. “

To save themselves from the heat, hundreds of towns come here every day, say, algae are trying to escape, but plants “gain” more and more territories.

“Not every city can boast a river, but we are lucky. The experience of my visit to this beach is 7. I am able to swim well, but it is very unpleasant when the stomach and toes touch the algae.” Last year, the boy died, they say, got confused in the plants. The girl almost drowned, it was good that she started shouting, managed to prevent the tragedy. Personally, I see the divers for the first time, I think, at least once a year, such a clearing of the river should be carried out necessarily, “- said the instructor of physical education Natalia.

Dmitry Glazunov, the head of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” and the Volyn Regional Hospital Board, also regularly visits the city’s sports beach. Says when you swim in the seaweed, the feeling is not pleasant:

“There is nothing better than having a morning jog and taking on a sports ground, dipping in cool water, bathe half the city, so as any pool, the area around the beach should be cleaned regularly. From time to time, I talked with vacationers and many From the “Ridna Volyn” Foundation, we appealed to the Department of the SNS in the Volyn region, formally concluded the contract and paid for the work. The guys from the diving and rescue group for two days pulled out the whole mountain of the sky ically safe plant. “

“It’s said that the bottom is clean and still call for water to adhere to clear safety rules, and I think this will be done regularly, if the plants do not grow up at the beginning of the season, they are now becoming dangerous, and the season is long.” – adds Dmitry Glazunov.

According to him, plans are also – to cultivate the very territory of the central beach, in particular to arrange places for smoking and walking animals, descents to water, etc.