Artistic therapy of ATO fighters with Vasily Ryzhuk

Within the framework of the charitable project “Art Therapy”, which is held by the regional charity fund “Ridna Volyn” for Volyn fighters who undergo rehabilitation at the regional hospital of the disabled after the fighting in eastern Ukraine, with the assistance of the Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Vitaly Ivanytsky, in the art gallery of arts a meeting with well-known Volyn sculptor, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Vasily Ryzhuk took place.

The soldiers who are wounding the hospital today have the opportunity to see the projects of the future monument to the dead Volyn soldiers during the ATO, to listen to the sculptor with his vision of a monument to be erected in the city of Lutsk.

The fighters who saw death on an unpublished war with their own eyes and were real witnesses to the deaths of their fellowmen, to express their opinion and to show their wishes and impressions of the projects offered for competition in the review book.

Dmitry Glazunov, the head of the Oblast Charitable Fund “Ridna Volyn”, expressed his vision about the monument to the dead Heroes of the ATU and thanked the sculptor Vasily Ryzhuk for such a sincere and relaxed creative meeting with the soldiers, which is sometimes better for therapeutic therapy, because artistic therapy heals not only the human body, and most importantly – mind and soul.

The discussion about the necessity of establishing a monument and communicating on other issues of today’s life of fighters took place at the cafe of Polish cuisine “Pirogarnya”, where the soldiers hospitably treated, with tea, coffee, biscuits and ice cream.

Vasily Ryzhuk and fighters from the regional hospital received positive emotions from such art therapy and showed readiness for further communication between the famous sculptor and the real, living Volyn heroes of the war in the east of Ukraine.