ATO fighters are moving from the “Fireflies” shadow theater

The crowded auditorium of the Palace of Culture of the city of Lutsk said that the “Fireflies” theater of Chernihiv is truly well deservedly enjoyed not only in Ukraine but also in many countries around the world.

Volyn fighters who are now in treatment at the regional hospital of the disabled, as well as volunteers, with the assistance of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaly Ivanitsky, as part of the project “Art Therapy”, which implements the regional charity fund “Ridna Volyn”, visited the shadow theater show ” Shadows of Hollywood “.

The program of this unique theater carries the viewer into the incredible world of cinema through the prism of his favorite and best films by means of plastic, sophisticated acrobatics and light combined with musical compositions, creating on the stage a true magic and fantasy of a mysterious action.

The audience, including the wounded ATO fighters, volunteers, rewarded the talented actors of the unique theater of shadows, who skillfully demonstrated their stage art and professional play, and spiritually contributed to the improvement of the psychological state of the wounded warriors.

Dmitry Glazunov, the head of the Oblast Charitable Foundation “Ridna Volyn”, said that visiting such cultural and artistic events is one of the elements of art therapy, which through the art effectively treats the wounded souls of soldiers.

All the fighters who visited this fantastic show, and most of them saw the shadow theater for the first time, were sincerely grateful to the organizers of this unforgettable meeting for genuine artistic therapy, which inspires faith in improving their health and effectively and positively helps them to restore their mental balance.