“Business for patients in Lutsk City Hospital has endangered the lives and health of Lutsk people” – Dmitry Glazunov

Today, one of the loudest scandalous topics in Lutsk is a topic around the Lutsk City Clinical Hospital. In more detail, we decided to question Dmytro Glazunov in the head of the Horn “VOLK” and the Charity Fund “Ridna Volyn”.

– Tell me, what are the reasons for the confrontation?
– I’ll clarify right away. A scandalous topic around the municipal business of high-ranking officials in a city hospital that interferes with the proper functioning of the hospital itself and endangers the health and life of the lucans. This business is comprised of the Municipal Pharmacy LLC and the Municipal Clinical Board, a charitable organization (headed by Fedor Koshel), which collects “charitable donations” from patients.

– How long has the confrontation continued and what has it all started?
– It all began with the conflict with the head physician Larisa Dukhnevich. The reason for this was the film on the ZIK TV channel in the program “Medical Mysteries”, “Lutsk City Hospital: Charitable Contributions and Dissatisfied Patients”, which was released on June 18, 2016. Subsequently, he was scanned ten times on the channel. Larisa Dukhnevich has publicly and bereftly accused me of the involvement in the creation of this report, as the conflict resolved.

With the participation of her son-in-law, the head of the department of criminal proceedings of the Volyn Oblast Prosecutor’s Office, Yuri Novosad, I was charged with a case not against the fact of some offense, but on the basis of a custom, dirty and false publication in the media F. Kochel and made a number of other dirty insinuations. Over time, the public was involved in the events, from which we began to receive information about the extent of abuse and corruption in this institution, after which my opposition to the organizers of business for patients, deployed in a city hospital, became a civic position for me.

Лариса Духневич і Федір Кошель

– What do you see abuse and corruption?
– For example, we will take the membership of the charitable organization “Municipal Hospital Cashier”, which for almost 20 years has been headed by ex-head of the city health department Fedor Koshel. An example of its activities is presented in the materials of the TV channel ZIK in the program “Medical Mysteries”, “Lutsk City Hospital, charitable contributions and dissatisfied patients.” These materials were handed to journalists in the management of the national police in the Volyn region. There is a comment by a lawyer. Criminal proceedings No. 42016030000000151 dated 07.19.2016.

The course of the investigation is unknown, but it is known that it is inhibited. He was closed, then opened again due to the incompleteness of the investigation, etc. To the submitted materials of the KIC it should be added that the husband of Larisa Dukhnevich Victor (for MRI) and the son of Fedor Koshel Grygoriy (for the ultrasound), who they transmit to Larissa Dukhnevich, are included in the collection of “charitable contributions” (cash), and she carefully writes in the notebook roughly , who has passed the lot (there are 23 minutes 30 seconds in the plot of the ZIK). This is black accounting, and its cashier is Larisa Dukhnevich. Show this notebook to the community. Many patients complain about the non-receipt of checks.

– And the reports?
– Having analyzed, found that as a result of the shadow schemes of Dukhnevich-Koshel, the scale of abuses with “charitable contributions” is colossal. And reports on their use are completely eye-catching. According to their website, in 2015, the MLK collected 6, 2 million hryvnia. The cost was 5, 5 million hryvnias, of which: for the account of the hospital – one thousand hryvnia, 4.7 million – the purchase of materials (part in “its” Municipal Pharmacy), 0.9 million hryvnia – services. Only for its maintenance MLK spends from 1 to 1, 5 million hryvnia annually.

– What materials and services have been transferred to? There is nothing indicated about this?
– According to our preliminary estimates in 2015, up to UAH 15 million of charitable contributions should have been made. And the hospital received only 6, 2 million, but also those brought out is unknown to where. For example, in a letter from the Lutsk City Council dated January 18, 2017, it is stated that during the year 2015, 3634 surveys were conducted on SCT (spiral tomography), of which 1217 (33.5%) were for preferential categories of the population and 298 (8.2% ) for urgent states. UAH 614,825 is attracted from patients. On average, 169.19 hryvnias for one survey. It is seen from the letter that 41.7% of SCT surveys are carried out free of charge, which is not true, and is rather ridiculous. And who are these privileged categories, even if ATO soldiers were paid for it?

– What are these calculations?
– Count together: the value of the CST was 300 hryvnias, 250 working days, 30 inspections daily – the amount of 2 million 250 thousand hryvnias is obtained. Let 10-15% benefit recipients. Consequently, the money from charitable contributions is almost three times less. With effective state management, the sum of 6.2 million was to be borne only by SCT, CT, and MRI. And they also collect funds for ultrasound, ECHO, X-ray, fibrogastro, biochemical and bacterial, for admission to the hospital, for surgery, for the chamber and for many other things. The question arises: “Where are our money?”

Our assumptions and calculations that most of the charitable contributions collected by the Municipal Hospital in Lutsk City Hospital are in the “shadow” and are confirmed by the information on Channel 12: “According to the estimates of the health care, due to automation, the hospital’s budget can be replenished twice.” This can already be considered a crime report.

– And you know where to get the funds raised?
– It’s not clear. Reports on websites and in the press – explicit eye marking. But in reality – inefficient and wasteful management, or theft. The medical equipment in the hospital is outdated, the X-ray apparatus still has a Soviet design, even the windows could not be replaced, the facade with unattractive walls, elevators – horror. The expensive medical equipment for half a year is idle due to the lack of funds for repairs, as a result of which the patients were forced to travel to other areas with the help of. So since July 9, 2016, and by the end of the year, did not work the same CST, because there was no money to repair, just like a device for crushing stones in the kidneys, etc. And this really puts the lives and health of Lucians in jeopardy.

Instead, the charitable donations collected at the hospital are purchased by a car for the head of the healthcare department of Theodore Koshel VAZ AU 0024, and the sum equivalent to millions of dollars is written off for various non-medical needs (repair, construction, security, consulting, etc. .), flowers, newspapers and magazines are bought for thousands of dollars, mobile phone, furniture, flower festivals, etc. This is all documented.

– We thought that at the charitable donations attracted from patients, the Municipal Court buys medical equipment, medicines.
– I also believed so, and Lucians too. But we were deceived. The Municipal Court actually buys a large amount of drugs for a city hospital, but not for us. Where they go and for whom, even if the families of the dead, dead and missing members of the ATO and our heroes and their families pay for almost all medicines. Obviously, they are for those who lobby for the interests of officials.

As a result, it is not visible in the hospital of “charitable contributions”, but 4 estates (2 in Lutsk, 2 in the village of Lischev), 7 apartments and offices, 8 land plots, and 4 cars of the family of the head physician Larisa Dukhnevich are visible. According to experts, only one manor in Lische village is invested in the amount of up to $ 1 million. I would never pay attention to these fortunes, if their origin was not connected with the municipal business in the only urgent hospital in the city. That’s why I registered a petition for the report of Larysa Dukhnevich on the collection and use of charitable contributions by the hospital. And I would ask to sign each Rabbit, because it concerns us and our loved ones, just the people next to them, who need not only proper medical care, but also a proper attitude towards themselves as a worthy person.

Маєток Лариси Духневич

– The question is in the end: Municipal sickness insurance office and your Volyn Oblast Hospital Card are competitors?
– Absolutely not. This is just the consonant name that these people use because of unscrupulous media workers. In particular, they simply impose the opinion of the community that confrontation is a conflict of competitors, a struggle for contributions, a raider engagement of business, and so on. In fact, the municipality is a charitable organization and is engaged in collecting charitable contributions in hospitals, and WOLK is public and operates on the principle of insurance medicine, in which people in enterprises pay their wages, or the company itself from profit. We have never been involved in the collection of “charitable contributions” and we do not plan.