Caring for your neighbor.

On January 19, at the feast of Baptism, the Ridna Volyn Charity Fund organized a charity action “With Care for a Neighbor” on the Theater of the City of Lutsk for socially disadvantaged sections of the population.

Before the charity event, despite the five-degree frost, a brass band of the National Guard of Ukraine performed with the concert program of carols and generosoles, whose participants also sang well-known folk songs with all interested people.

Dmitry Glazunov, the head of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”, in his opening speech at the opening of the charity event, congratulated all those present on the feast of the Epiphany and noted that on this day people will be treated with soldier’s porridge and hot tea, to make a little a holiday for those who will the fates were in difficult life circumstances.

Honored Worker of Arts of Ukraine Vitaly Ivanitsky wished everyone that the Baptism of the Lord brought to every person prosperity, peace and tranquility in every home and in our Ukraine.

At the expense of the funds allocated by the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” military cook prepared almost 300 servings of tasty soldier’s porridge, which, along with tea, directly from the military field cuisine, treated bezhatchenki and other desiring people of all ages.

As the daughter of Boris Klimchuk, Julia Trots, noted – this charity event is a continuation of good and noble affairs, which Boris Klimchuk did with goodness for the Volynians, and in the future, will continue to other Christian holidays.

A delicious porridge on a frosty holy day Baptism was a peculiar corner for many poor people. This charity event testified that such charity events, with God’s grace, unite all of us to do good and be kinder to each other.

The first charity event “Taking Care of Your Neighborhood”, organized by the Ridna Volyn Foundation, was a good example for other philanthropists and philanthropists to organize free meals in the city of Lutsk for outgoing cuisine for people deprived of fate.