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At the end of the fairy tale performance “Eliza in the realm of truth”, an exhibition-fair of works for orphans, children and youth with special needs took place at the Theater Square in Lutsk. There were also games and master classes for the young lutches and guests of the city. Those wishing to take part in various competitions and even jump in bags.

For the winners of the competitions prizes we...

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First prize named after Borys Klimchuk

Voice of Ukraine, # 183, October 2, 2015
Because of the imperfection of the current legislation, the hero Andrij Snitko, who in the battle covered a grenade and thereby saved the brothers, who posthumously marked the first Boris Klimchuk Award, does not have any state awards.

The adopted mother Raisa Khalik can not get the money paid to the families of those killed in the ATO...

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Legendary Volynians in the project “Honor I Have”

A person lives as long as memories of her live – this became the motto of the foundation of the project of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”, “Honor to me”, which has already celebrated the well-known Volyn people for two years already, not only for their own region. Their names are sealed in the book of memory of Ukraine.

A project was launched on events devoted to Rutam Khamraev, a participant in t...

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Heroes do not die: Manevichs spent the evening in memory of Andrew Snitka

Two years have elapsed since the death of the 18-year-old native of the village of Gorayimovka, Manevitsky district Andriy Snitko, died heroically after Ilovaysk. The guy covered himself with a grenade and, at the cost of his own life, saved his brothers.

On August 21, in the Manevichi village, in the framework of the project “Honor I Have!”, The Ridna Volyn charity fund spent the evening in memory “Heroes do not die”, organized by the chairman of the charity fund Dmitry Glazunov, scriptwriter and director’s performance was performed by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaly Ivanitsky.

Mother Andrew Snitka Raisa Kh...

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In Lutsk, the evening of the memory of the deceased soldier of the battalion “Aidar” Rustam Khamrayev

“Remember me, sonny!” – a note along with his Maidan helmet left Alisher Pope Rustam, going to the east of Ukraine to protect its territorial integrity. He was one of the first in Lutsk went to the Maidan, a volunteer went to the zone of the so-called ATO. He died on June 17 near the city of Metallist in the Lugansk region. Posthumously awarded the President of Ukraine with the Order “For Courage” of the III degree.

The evening of Rustam Khamrae...

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The evening of remembrance of the deceased soldier of the battalion of territorial defense “Aidar” Rustam Khamraev

Today in the hotel complex “Zaleski” an evening of memory of the deceased soldier was carried out by the battalion of territorial defense “Aidar” Rustam Khamraev. The event was organized within the framework of the new project “Honor to me”, launched by the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”. The head of the fund, Dmitry Glazunov, said that he had decided to honor Rustam Hamraev first, because he had personally known this courageous husband since childhood. Subsequently, organization of other evenings of memory is planned, during which they will talk about the fate of famous kraiians.

Volodymyr Gunchyk, Mayor Mykola Romanyuk, the b...

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“Not stars fall from heaven – stars go to heaven.” Memory of Rustam Hamraev

Dear relatives and friends today, on January 5, they commemorated the memory of Rustam Khamraev, who was originally injured on the Maidan, and died in June in the ATO zone of the bursting ball. It is reported “Under the sight”.

Volynians spent the last race of the 39-year-old Fighter Battalion “Aidar” on June 20, 2014. A man died near the village of Metallist in the Luhansk region.

As reported in the depa...

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