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November 29, 1983 at 13.30. Yuriy Lelyukov showed the principle of hand grenade in the Ivanychivka Secondary School № 2 during the military training lesson. Having removed the security check, he realized that the grenade was fighting. It took 4 seconds to make a decision. Children played in the corridor and outside the window...

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Victor Cheblyn’s Remembrance Evening

In Lutsk there was an evening of memory of the many-time leader of the Lutsk School of Culture and Arts Victor Cheblin.

The event took place on October 24 in the Volyn Regional Council of the Taras Shevchenko Theater as part of the project “Have Honor” from the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”.

The event, organized wi...

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The evening of the memory of the Hero of Ukraine Andrew Snitka

Just returned from Manevich, where the “Ridna Volyn” charitable foundation, within the framework of the project “Honor I Have”, held the evening of the memory of the ATO hero Andriy Snitka, who, 2 years ago, in a battle near Ilovaysk, covered himself with a hostage grenade, and thus saved his brothers. Manevichchyna for a warm welcome and support, for the full hall of the district culture house.


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Soldier’s porridge for people deprived of fate.

“With care for the neighbor” – the so-called charitable action, which is traditionally held by the regional charity fund “Ridna Volyn” in the big Christian holidays, in order to support the deprived people.
At the feast of Peter and Paul at the Theater of the City of Lutsk, soldiers of the military unit number 11/41 of the National Guard of Ukraine purchased the charity fund of food products, prepared delicious soldier’s porridge and treated it with tea and about 300 people – the homeless, the poor and the people who were at this time on the central square of the city.

The head of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn...

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Museum of Volyn icons

Today, we all have become spiritually richer. As part of the Ridna Volyn Foundation’s “Art Therapy” program, our ATO heroes undergoing rehabilitation at the Regional Hospital for Persons with Disabilities first visited an excursion to the Volyn Icon Museum.

The director of the museum, Tetyana Yeliseyev, made a great tour, for which she received great appreciation from all of us...

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I will be healthy and happy (mammography)

16,000 women die in breast cancer every year in Ukraine. This disease takes the first place in the structure of cancer incidence among women. Early detection of pathology – is the key to effective treatment. However, there are a number of problems that the woman draws from this, in particular – this is a psychological factor when a person is simply scary to cross the threshold of the oncology dispensary, to find time, means, etc.

Taking into...

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Lutsk castle

The tracks of charity “Ridna Volyn”. Day after day, step-by-step, the “Ridna Volyn” does good deeds. On July 16, within the framework of the “Art Therapy” program, we organized an excursion to ATO fighters who are undergoing rehabilitation at the Regional Hospital of the Disabled. Most of them are for the first time in our castle.

We visited the church of St...

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Painter Alexander Gukalov

“We use paints, but write in heart” (Jean-Baptiste Chardin)
Under such a slogan there are master classes of famous artists for the ATO fighters who are undergoing rehabilitation at the regional hospital of the disabled. Today two additional masterpieces were created with the help of the artist Alexander Gukalov.

The events take place within the framework of the “Art Therapy” program from the char...

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Lutsk Tenth

On June 28, regular competitions “Lutsk Tenth” dedicated to the Day of Youth and the Olympic Day took place. The holiday of the sport has succeeded. The Ridna Volyn Charitable Foundation also joined the organization of the tournament and awarded some winners of the competition with cash prizes.

In my opinion, such tournaments should be as much as possible because they promote a healthy lifestyle...

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Canvas of ATO fighters

As part of the Ridna Volyn Foundation’s “Art Therapy” project, our ATO fighters, who are undergoing rehabilitation at the Regional Hospital for Disabled Persons, have tried themselves as artists. They painted together with professionals in professional canvas with appropriate oil paints. Described their feelings, experiences, emotions. The result you see for yourself...

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