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In the Volyn Museum – the new Holm Holy Virgin

The Volyn Icon Museum presented an author’s reproduction of the Holm miraculous icon of the Mother of God.

The painting “The Holly Virgin in the events and facts” by the artist Volodymyr Zhupanyuk for the museum was purchased by the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” and its head Dmitry Glazunov. The picture was solemnly given on Friday, March 16th.

In the exposition hall next t...

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“Borys Klimchuk: I am the son of Volyn land” – now on the shelves of Lutsk libraries

The book “Boris Klimchuk: I am the son of Volyn land” can now be read in the libraries of Lutsk.

The edition-recollection of ex-governor Volyn Lutsk libraries was presented by the Ridna Volyn Foundation.

From now on, readers can read this book in 12 libraries of the city.

The head of...

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In Lutsk, divers around the city beach were pulled out of an “invisible danger”

Spreading algae, twice as big as human growth, branch and glass bottles, became the catches of the Dniester diving and rescue group in the Volyn region, which, at the initiative of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”, for two days cleaned the water area of ​​the Styr river on the central beach of Lutsk.

For the Lucians it is a popular place for recreation and sports. On the beach there is a rescue post. According to his employees, though, at first glance, the river looks rather calm, but at the depths of the holidaymakers there is an invisible danger.

Spread alga...

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The central beach of the river Styr, Lutsk

Algae, which we took from the bottom of the river Styr on the beach in the summer in the central park of Lutsk, weighed up to 3 meters and created a danger to the swimmers. Thanks to the Foundation “Ridna Volyn” and the Ministry of Emergencies.

Expect next season.

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Charitable Foundation “RIDNA WOLIN” congratulated PAVLO ZIBROV on the anniversary

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of People’s Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov invited to his benefit in the Ukraine Palace in Kyiv many friends and well-known creative people, fellow artistic craft.

It is pleasant to note that from Volyn popular singer invited to a recital of Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaliy Ivanytskiy, with whom he has long been friends, working, singing the song “Smile, friends” (music by Basil Duntsya verses Vitali Ivanytskiy) and head Charitable Foundation “Mother Volyn “by Dmitry Glazunov.

Volynjany adequately welcomed...

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Сhildren of a complex destiny

Charitable Fund “Ridna Volyn” and UHO “Volyn Regional Hospital” support children with special needs. As part of the 6th festival Volyn Blagovist, prizes and gifts for small contestants were allocated.

Also, on the eve of the Children’s Day, she attended a regional children’s hospital, where she presented various children’s board games for three children’s hospitals.

In addition, I inspected the work of a biochemi...

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Saint Mykolay

On St. Nicholas Day everyone is trying to do good. The representatives of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” also did not stand aside.

So today they joined the congratulations of the Volynians on a holiday. In particular, the head of the Ridna Volyn Charitable Foundation Dmitry Glazunov and the Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaliy Ivanytskyy, who is called “Nikolayevich”, gave the children delicacies – “mikolaychy” in transport and on the streets of the city.

Riding “Nikolayevich” with greetings in t...

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Danilko dreams of becoming an “artist-policeman”

The boy could not see the letters in the letterbox and the numbers that the teacher wrote on the board, he lived in dimness and felt deprived of the fate-stepmother. Four years ago we talked about how indifferent people began to change the life of a Zabolottean boarding school pupil for the better.

And he was fond of the fate of Dmitry Glazunov, who is now the chairman of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”. Recently he visited Danilka Ninichuk and other students of the Zabolotte Boarding School for Disabled Children. They remembered how their friendship began.

When the ch...

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Danilko Ninichuk, Zabolotte boarding school

Just returned from the Zabolotte boarding school for children with developmental defects. Four years ago, a charity event “Heart I give to children”, organized by the USBU in the Volyn region, took place in the regional arena. Then the 8-year-old Danilka Ninychuk, a boy of a difficult destiny, a native of the institution, who had congenital strabismus and 20% of the vision, showed on the screen.

He did not ...

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Soldier’s porridge for people deprived of fate.

“With care for the neighbor” – the so-called charitable action, which is traditionally held by the regional charity fund “Ridna Volyn” in the big Christian holidays, in order to support the deprived people.
At the feast of Peter and Paul at the Theater of the City of Lutsk, soldiers of the military unit number 11/41 of the National Guard of Ukraine purchased the charity fund of food products, prepared delicious soldier’s porridge and treated it with tea and about 300 people – the homeless, the poor and the people who were at this time on the central square of the city.

The head of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn...

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