Danilko dreams of becoming an “artist-policeman”

The boy could not see the letters in the letterbox and the numbers that the teacher wrote on the board, he lived in dimness and felt deprived of the fate-stepmother. Four years ago we talked about how indifferent people began to change the life of a Zabolottean boarding school pupil for the better.

And he was fond of the fate of Dmitry Glazunov, who is now the chairman of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”. Recently he visited Danilka Ninichuk and other students of the Zabolotte Boarding School for Disabled Children. They remembered how their friendship began.

When the charity action “Heart I give to children” took place at the regional music and drama theater, organized by the UBU in the Volyn region, the 8-year-old Danilka with an inborn striation, which was almost blind, was shown on the screen. The next day, Dmitry Glazunov appealed to the specialists of the regional children’s territorial medical association with a request to examine the boy, to undergo treatment and surgery.

Danilka was taken under the care of authoritative and highly qualified ophthalmologists, who eliminated his defect and restored 60 percent of the vision. Particular hello Danilko handed over to his savior Margarita Henrikhinni Potiagailo and Love Matviyivni Zhuk, whom I mention with great gratitude.

And the boy’s teachers told that already 3 months after the operation, he caught up with his classmates in assimilating the school curriculum. Now Danilko loves to draw, read and dreams of becoming an “artist-policeman”.

In four years, Dmitry Glazunov, who also heads the NGO “Volyn Regional Hospital”, helped to cure several children of the Zabolottean boarding school.