Apparently, on September 17th, the highest forces blessed the conduct of the first festival of songs by Vyacheslav Khursenko in our city on the Theater Square. After all, light rain “stipulated” to stop the bright sun due to the clouds, and then over the whole audience was played rainbow. It was a great pleasure for both the spectators and the artists who, in the framework of the project “Honor I Have”, united the Volyn Charity Fund “Ridna Volyn” headed by Dmitry Glazunov.

Before the concert, he invited the widow singer Olga Khursenko to the stage and presented her a Boris Klimchuk award (awarded to Vyacheslav posthumously) and UAH 10,000. The woman has not concealed that she will use this money to publish a book about her talented husband, whom she long dreamed about. And help in realizing this dream took the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”. The live broadcast of the action was conducted by the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine Volyn Regional Directorate.

Our parto of the action, which mentally conducted Tamara Grimarovich, very unusual began our countryman Irina Kotlytska. For she from the beginning and to the end played on the bandura the melody of the legendary “Sokolyat”. And the finalist of “Voice of the country”, son of Zhitomir land Artem Kondratyuk, admitted that this song at one time gave him a chance to enter the final of the project. Although for the lucci that evening, he performed “Confessions” and “Cry of White Cranes”. After all, “Sokolyata” themselves were sounding from the screen in the concert record of their creator.

Interestingly enough, children also have a desire to study the work of our prominent countryman, because Solomia Glazunova, the youngest participant of the event, read the verse “To my native home”.

In the best traditions of concerts of memory of Vyacheslav Khursenko, young performers performed alongside with the stars of the Ukrainian pop, or even with them a duet. Anastasia Gaidar, due to certain technical problems, began to perform the song “Remember” first, and then she played on the guitar a singer “Volhynia”, a soloist of the legendary “Black Chereshen” Yuri Polischuk. Subsequently, they performed the work “I Do not Remember”.

The most famous Gypsy Ukrainian showbiz Peter Chorny shared the scene and composition “The Last Moment” with the daughter of the culprit of the action – Maria Hursenko, who inherited not only the singing talent of her father, but also his songs.

Accompanied by the “Rhesus Blues” team, she “made” the musical “The Whip of Wine” by sharing with the audience that it was perhaps the only piece in which her father remembered her. And not surprisingly, after all, he put his life on the altar of creativity.

In the same composition, together with the soloist Inna Kirichenko, “Rhesus Blues” performed the song “Village” for the first time in his own manner.

It is noteworthy that the words of the more well-known songs of Khursenko are present both under umbrellas and without them, giving sincere applause to all the artists, regardless of their titles. But the most painfully they took the legendary “Svityyazyanin” Anatoliy Gvoorodla, whom Peter Chorny called that evening “Sansey” and “textbook pop”. In his turn, Mr. Anatoliy called his creative sister Vyacheslav Khursenko “a diamond in the crown of Lutsk” and called the towns to honor his memory.

By the way, the regional center of Volhynia already has a street named after Khursenko (formerly Moscow). But I believe that this is not the limit, and we will once be able to come to the monument to the singer, somewhere in a cozy park, to listen to his songs, bring him “to him”, let them be belated, but flowers …

In the meantime, it was only necessary to sing together with Anatoliy Vasilyevich well-known in many words: “… and I hurry to my home, forgetting about sorrow, forgetting about fatigue …”.

The songwriting of the festival, directed by Vitaliy Ivanitsky, was the performance by all its participants of a truly immortal composition – “Faith, hope, love”. And here there has already been a complete energy unity of singers and spectators, of course, not without the magic of works by Vyacheslav Khursenko.

It is hoped that even more young and young artists will perform at the festival’s second festival than this year. Then they, penetrating and sincere songs, will surely live for several generations.