I will be healthy and happy (mammography)

16,000 women die in breast cancer every year in Ukraine. This disease takes the first place in the structure of cancer incidence among women. Early detection of pathology – is the key to effective treatment. However, there are a number of problems that the woman draws from this, in particular – this is a psychological factor when a person is simply scary to cross the threshold of the oncology dispensary, to find time, means, etc.

Taking into account the above, in 2007, the Volyn Regional Hospital Court for its collective members launched the program “I will be healthy and happy”, which aims at free examination of women on mobile mammographs. In 2011, this initiative was supported by the Ridna Volyn Foundation and mamograficheskih complexes have actively worked throughout the region, examining thousands of women in cities and villages, enterprises and clinics.

Only recently, more than 10,000 women were examined, 300 pre-cancerous conditions and 29 oncology cases were detected. There were occasions when the timely intervention of physicians saved women from life. Unfortunately, there are cases when this pathology turns out to be too late.

Today, this program operates in Lutsk under the patronage of Lutsk City Mayor Nicholas Romanyuk. You can order a free visit of the traveling mother to your company, institution, organization on 24-11-02.
When I created the program and gave it the name “I will be healthy and happy”, then I sought that our women – protecting their own families – were healthy and happy. Today and so there are problems in society and people. Take care of yourself, take care of your relatives and friends. Regularly once a year, women after 35 years of age have to undergo a mammographic examination.

Remember, oncology in the early stages is effectively treated and the patient receives exceptionally high chances of a full recovery from a serious illness. Caring for your health and early detection of breast cancer is the main objective of the target program “I will be healthy and happy” of the regional sickness fund and the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”