In Lutsk, the teacher was honored who saved the entire class from the explosion

In the Lutsk Palace of Culture, the evening was held in honor of Yuriy Lelyukov, a teacher from Ivanichivsky District, who in 1984 saved 26 students from the tenth grade from the death.

This event was held at the oblast level for the first time, – says in the plot of Channel 12.

The tragedy took place at Ivanychivka Secondary School No. 2. At the military training lesson, Yuri told about the principle of the operation of the military grenade and demonstrated the spectacle. Tearing the check, the man heard a typical click and saw light smoke. Pomegranate turned out to be fighting. The decision was only four seconds. He covered himself with a grenade and thus saved all the students who were in the classroom. The teacher died.

Explaining how the military garnet was in school equipment for military training – and could not.

However, after this incident, special commissions checked all school syllabi – and found military grenades in several educational institutions in the oblast.

So, as noted by the organizers of the evening of memory, Yuriy Lelyukov saved not only his 26 students but many other students as well.