In the Volyn Museum – the new Holm Holy Virgin

The Volyn Icon Museum presented an author’s reproduction of the Holm miraculous icon of the Mother of God.

The painting “The Holly Virgin in the events and facts” by the artist Volodymyr Zhupanyuk for the museum was purchased by the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” and its head Dmitry Glazunov. The picture was solemnly given on Friday, March 16th.

In the exposition hall next to the original of the miraculous icon put a unique reproduction. In the picture of Volodymyr Zhupanyuk not only Mary is shown with Jesus on his hands. Around the main image of the icon there are numerous plots of its history.

“I’m referring to one story, which is reflected in the reproduction. 1240th year. The hordes of Tatars siege the city of Kholm. And then the inhabitants, praying the Mother of God for salvation, carried the icon onto the walls. The Tatars thought that the walls rose to the sky, and they retreated. Even today, we would like to beg the Mother of God to retreat all our enemies, external and internal, “- says Dmitry Glazunov.

According to the author of the icon, it is not just a reproduction of the biblical image. The painting is his creative work. So he sees the Mother of God, who for centuries saved the Ukrainians. Interestingly, the materials for the work of the artist helped to assemble the museum staff. Here he spent a lot of time studying the history of the icons and features of the original original.

“The Museum of the Volyn Icon is a place special for every Christian. We are located next to the largest miraculous relic of our state. Two years ago, the Ridna Volyn Foundation awarded the Borys Klimchuk Prize to this museum for the preservation and restoration of the Icon of the Holly Mother of God. In the continuation of the Foundation’s good traditions, today we pass the “Holm Mother of God in events and facts”, which perfectly reflects almost the whole history of the relics, and will be kept here next to the original. First of all, it is an attempt to unite people around the eternal spiritual values ​​- mercy, kindness, and love. This is something that is so lacking today for our society “, – said the head of” Ridna Volyn “Dmitry Glazunov.

The museum, artist and charity fund signed an agreement that the icon now belongs to the museum. At last, the author of the painting Volodymyr Zhupanyuk left the autograph on the back of his work.