“A person after himself leaves memory and monuments,” – liked to repeat the former head of the Volyn region Borys Klimchuk. And left a lot of memories: friends and loved ones have already collected the material on the book and say that they could easily have caught up to hundreds of volumes.

Boris Klimchuk began his career as a simple teacher of geography, and finished the path, receiving informal, and even more significant, since he was given the people the title of “father of the land”, or another version – “Tsar Boris”. He twice served as the head of the Volyn Regional Administration (generally more than 10 years old), the diplomatic representative of Ukraine in Lithuania and Azerbaijan, the advisor to the President, and who would not hold a post in which country he would not be, always remained one of the most volunteer patriots in Volyn.

One year after his tragic death in the Volyn Drama Theater, an evening of memory “I am the son of Volyn land” was organized.

To honor the memory of the prominent politician and statesman came from all the first people of the region, deputies, businessmen and officials who, due to their career achievements, are Boris Petrovich, politician colleagues, and even those who in the most violent times were “on the other side barricades “. The villagers and friends from Kovel came to the west, representatives of diplomatic departments and governors from other regions, and of course the family.

“There are a lot of prominent people in Volhynia, but Boris Klimchuk is lacking enough, his spirit is lacking: the spirit of love, work and inspiration, lack of great deeds, which can only be great people – first met by Metropolitan Michael, the bishop of the Volyn diocese UOC-KP. – Such actions as, for example, to stand in front of the community on the knees and say: “Sorry, if something is wrong.” A great man remains his business, and we recall Boris Klimchuk’s such affairs today. “

The personal secretary of Metropolitan Nifonta, Archpriest of the UOC Valentyn Marchuk recalled the words of Klimchuk: “He once said to me:” Father Valentin, may we survive until we have an orphan in Volyn. We will close all orphanages, and children will live in foster families. ” This was Borys Klimchuk: he not only cheered for the fate of the Volyn land, but also for the fate of every child living on it. “

The leaders of the oblast and the oblast center, Volodymyr Gunchyk and Mykola Romanyuk, agreed that a significant part of current politicians, officials and even businessmen owes its success to Borys Klimchuk.

“Many people in this room are due to their formation as politicians, state officials, businessmen Boris Petrovich Klimchuk,” said Volodymyr Gunchik. – I thank him too. In the distant 1994, thanks to the support of Boris Petrovich, I was appointed head of one of the largest enterprises in the region (Lutsk Automobile Plant – Ed.). “

“I believe that Boris Petrovich deserves respect and respect for the Lutsk people, so I will make a proposal for the assignment to one of the streets named after Boris Klimchuk at the session of the Lutsk City Council”, – promised Mykola Romanyuk.

Yaroslav Gich, a close friend of Boris Klimchuk, told about one episode from a joint recreation that gives an eloquent description to this person: “Once I went to the Svityaz, yelling to me in the morning:” Glory, get up! “. He took me to the shore, and there – the trash is full, he says: “Let’s collect.” And here goes to meet Stepan Plyushch: “Boris, what are you doing here?”. And he answered: “I prepare everything here, people will come, but there is so much rubbish.” So he was. “

The ex-governor of the Ivano-Frankivsk region Mikhail Vyshyvanyuk came to share memories about his colleague on an evening of memory. “Boris Petrovich was an informal leader among us, heads of administrations,” he said. – And always, when there was an extremely difficult question, we “spilled” to the tribune of Klimchuk. And he went and spoke, and he listened to many of the things he said. He always wished that his Volyn region was the best, he would have got out of the skin for this and there were no such doors that he could not open. “

“One day, when we were arrested on Belarusian border, Boris Petrovich learned about this and personally appealed to Alexander Lukashenko to ensure that we did not impose sanctions and return the goods,” Petro Pylypiuk, general director of the Modern-Expo group of companies, told. – We saw how Boris Petrovich did for us and thought that we were special. And later, when I headed the Council of Entrepreneurs, I realized that this is his approach and attitude towards all Volyn entrepreneurs. “

The head of the construction company “Lutsksantekmontazh” and close associate Klimchuk Viktor Chernukha was not afraid to speak from the scene about the most “slippery” topic: the leadership of the region during the Yanukovych regime. “For Volynians, it is a great fortune that at that time Borys Klimchuk led the area,” Chernukha assured. – He was able to arrange the work so that people from his team and people in uniform would not allow the Volodymyr to be terrorized. Not allowed to execute orders. Klimchuk preserved Volyn from Donetsk “watching”.

“Apparently, a quarter of all our meetings with Boris Petrovich, on the basis of our official duties, took place without any witnesses,” he said.