“Not stars fall from heaven – stars go to heaven.” Memory of Rustam Hamraev

Dear relatives and friends today, on January 5, they commemorated the memory of Rustam Khamraev, who was originally injured on the Maidan, and died in June in the ATO zone of the bursting ball. It is reported “Under the sight”.

Volynians spent the last race of the 39-year-old Fighter Battalion “Aidar” on June 20, 2014. A man died near the village of Metallist in the Luhansk region.

As reported in the department of information work of the city council, the event was organized as part of the new project “Honor to me”, launched by the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”. The head of the fund, Dmitry Glazunov, said that he had decided to honor Rustam Hamraev first, because he had personally known this courageous husband since childhood.

Subsequently, organization of other evenings of memory is planned, during which they will talk about the fate of famous kraiians.

Volodymyr Gunchyk, Mayor Mykola Romanyuk, the battle fellow Andrei Omelchuk, Vyacheslav Bakulin, Sergey Kovalchuk, Oleg Tverdokhlib, volunteers, friends and relatives of the deceased hero came to commemorate Rustam Khamraev’s memory.

Mother of the deceased soldier Antonina Hamraeva with tears in the eyes remembered the childhood of little Rustam and the day when the family received a terrible news of the death of her son. It turns out that Rustam Hamraev fights in the west of Ukraine, nobody knew of a family, except his father.

“He did not tell anyone that he was going to the East, he said that he was in Kiev. He invented a whole story to go to defend the East, and we would not worry about him. But our eyes still have not dried up from tears, and I can not speak calmly about it, because the most difficult thing is when parents keep their children “, – mother of Rustam Hamraev told.

Antonina Hamraeva remarked that her son had been fond of military affairs since childhood and treated with great respect all people in the form.

“When he was 6 years old, his grandmother used a small military uniform for the New Year. At that time I worked at the institute. And one day our Rustamchik put on that form and went to the circle, the one near the “Ray”, there just was a regulator. He stood with him. And I learned about it only when my students came and said that my Rustam service “- recalls the mother of the hero.

And even with age, Rustam Khamraev did not lose his love for his native land, and at the earliest opportunity went to defend the honor and dignity of Ukraine.

“He was one of the first to go to the Maidan and was always on the front line. His friends were Sergei Nigoyan, David Kipiani and Ustym Golodnyuk. They together made smoke curtains on Maidan. Rustam pulled out the wounded, and this helped save Tanya’s nurse’s life. Then he was injured, and he arrived home for a while. Once I went to him in the room, and he sat and sew the flag. I’m asking why you’re hauling it, you can buy a new one, and he told me that this is his flag, and he keeps it safe. And then he took that flag with him to the east. “

And even after his death, Rustam Hamraev gives his family a sign that he protects them every time. “Somewhere in a month or two I cleaned up the balcony and found a bag. There was a helmet and knee pads in which Rustam was on the Maidan, and a small note. In it he wrote:

“In memory of the pope. Alisher, remember me. I love you very much, “said mother of Rustam Hamraev with tears in front of her eyes.

Friends of the deceased hero said about him – “No stars fall from the sky – stars go to heaven.”

The deceased hero of Ukraine, Rustam Shoonyozovich Hamraev, was posthumously awarded the Order “For Courage” of the third degree and was buried on the alley of the glory of the cemetery in the village of Garazhya.