Oleg Vynnyk invited a troops to the concert

Volyn fighters who undergo rehabilitation at the regional hospital of the disabled, wife and children of the ATO soldiers, volunteers, with the assistance of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaliy Ivanytsky, within the framework of the project “Art Therapy”, which implements the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”, had the opportunity to attend the concert popular singer Oleg Vinnik.

At the “Avangard” stadium in the city of Lutsk, a famous artist who does not fit into the concert halls of his hobbies, has demonstrated a unique and truly professional show program.

The live sound, the wonderful light show, the beautiful vocal of the artist, the simple way of communicating with people is what Oleg Vynnik conquers spectators, giving them minutes of incredible enthusiasm, happiness and joy from meeting at the concert.

Volyn fighters, along with all the spectators, were simply stunned by the famous performers’ hits: “Wolf”, “Happiness does not happen much,” “I want to coast”, “My parents”, “Nino”, Take me to captivity “,” Bride ” and other songs that, with their positive energy, charged those present at the concert.

The soldiers rewarded every unique concert number of a talented singer and were sincerely grateful to the organizers of the concert, Oleg Vinnik – producer Alexander Gorbenko and director Sergey Buchshin for the allocated 80 tickets and for true artistic therapy, which inspires faith in improving the health of the soldiers, efficiently and positively. Helps them to restore mental balance.

Dmitry Glazunov, the head of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” Dmitry Glazunov noted that visiting such concerts by soldiers and their families, sometimes better therapeutic therapy, because such positive energy recovers the wounds received from the warfare in the war and contributes to the return of warriors in the ordinary course of life.