Olga Sumska and Vladimir Goryansky laugh treated ATO fighters

For Volyn fighters who undergo rehabilitation after the fighting in eastern Ukraine in the regional hospital of the disabled, the famous artistic gift was made by well-known theaters and cinema artists Olga Sumska and Volodymyr Horyansky, who, with the assistance of the Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Vitaliy Ivanytsky, as part of the charitable project “Mystetska Therapy “, which is implemented by the regional charity fund” Ridna Volyn “, invited them to the Volyn Oblast Academic Music and Drama Theater named after T. Shevchenko for a fantastic comedy” The Tricks of the Angels “.

Volyn soldiers who are currently in the hospital for treatment of invalids and were on the show, as well as volunteers who are caring for the families of ATO soldiers, were awe-inspiring “star” actors – Volodymyr Goryansky and Olga Sumy, as well as talented actors at the theatrical shop Vitaliy Borisyuk and Valentine Sergeyev, who skillfully demonstrated their artistic art and professional play, presented a cheerful mood and spiritually contributed to improving the psychological state of the wounded soldiers.

Soldier Vitaliy Kushniruk on behalf of all Volyn fighters who are currently undergoing rehabilitation at the hospital of the disabled, in gratitude to all the artists who were engaged in the play “The Detectives of the Angels”, presented Olga the Sumy bouquet of flowers.

Dmitry Glazunov, the head of the regional charity fund “Ridna Volyn”, said that visiting the fighters with such theatrical performances and other cultural and artistic events is a true artistic therapy that effectively heals the wounded souls of soldiers.