Philanthropists collect signatures for the awarding of the title of Hero to Leliukov

The head of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” Dmitry Glazunov signed an appeal to the President asking to posthumously confer Volodymyr Yuriy Lelikukov the highest state award – the title of the Hero of Ukraine. The first ones who supported the petition were local media officers.

Anyone interested in making this contribution can do this. To do this, download the forms on the fund site, collect signatures and transfer the completed documents to the organization.

“This is an attempt to unite society around the eternal human values. In my opinion, the formation of any person begins with an attitude to its roots, its history, to the memory of those who are no longer “- says the head of the fund.

Yuriy Lelyukov was a teacher of military training at Ivanychiv school number 2. He died 34 years ago, when during one of the lessons he talked about the principle of the operation of a military grenade. Having pulled out a ring, Lelyukov realized that in his hands was not a sword, but a well-functioning battle equipment. Without thinking much, he covered the grenade himself, saving 26 students from the death.