Picardie Tertsia

The wounded ATO fighters visited the concert of “Picardie Tertsia”.
Within the framework of the program of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” “Art therapy”, which is implemented with the assistance of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaliy Ivanytsky, ATO fighters undergoing rehabilitation at the regional hospital of the disabled, and volunteers attended the concert of the world-renowned collective “PICCARDIAN TERCIJA”, which took place in The city of Lutsk in the regiment of the theater named after T. Shevchenko.

The vocal formation “Pikkardijska Tertsia” – with its lyrical and patriotic songs – spiritually contributed to the improvement of the psychological state of the wounded soldiers who attended the concert.

Volyn’s soldiers, together with all spectators in the hall, were awe-inspiring applause from each performance of the artists, and when the artists performed the song hits “Old Tram”, “Yellow Ribbons”, “Shizgara” they sang and danced to the beat of songs with all spectators.

A special atmosphere reigned in the hall, when “Picardie Tertsia” performed a famous song “Pliny Kacha” – dedicated to Heroes of the Maidan. All spectators in the room got up, many tears flowed.
The soldiers were pleasantly touching the performances of this well-known creative team in Ukraine and outside our country, and with positive emotions they were photographed with the artists after the concert, received autographs from them.

All the fighters and volunteers who visited this song festival were sincerely grateful to Pikkardii Tertsia, the organizer of this concert, Alexander Penkivsky, Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaliy Ivanitsky and head of the Ridna Volyn Foundation Dmitry Glazunov for a meeting with a famous song team and for True artistic therapy, which effectively helps wounded soldiers to restore mental balance and positive emotions, helps to improve their health.