Founder of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” –
Klimchuk Boris Petrovich.
Foundation date-2003.

From September 2014, chairman of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” Dmitry Glazunov.

Volyn-Nova from 4.03.2016

“RIDNA VOLYN” was entrusted to Dmitry Glazunov.

This decision was made by the family of our famous Kraiian Boris Klimchuk, who gave life to this charitable foundation …

– Last year, Dmitry Glazunov proved that “Ridna Volyn” under his leadership continues the good traditions, begun by Boris Petrovich. We are grateful for honoring the memory of our dear person – a husband, father, grandfather, patriot of Volyn. It is a pity that he did not start all the affairs for the benefit of his native land to finish. But this can not be changed.

Therefore, it was decided to entrust the “Ridna Volyn” Foundation to Dmytro Glazunov, who in our opinion deserves the title of Laureate of the IIIrd Prize named after Boris Klimchuk, “said the widow of the late ex-governor Svetlana Alekseevna, handing the honorary award to the head of the fund.

This solemn moment was preceded by Dmitry Glazunov’s report on Ridna Volyn’s activities in 2015. He said, in particular, that it was possible to attract UAH 283,3 thousand, which were used for the implementation of many important projects. Thus, the charity program “Art Therapy” was launched, which is aimed at helping APO fighters undergoing rehabilitation at the regional hospital of veterans.

The guys attended the concerts of the Brutto group, Stepan Gigi, “Lisatect battalion”. Before them brothers Kapranov, Ada Rogovtseva spoke. Bohdan Stashkiv, violinist from Canada Vasyl Popadyuk, group “Cherry Chereshne”, folk artists Vasily Chepelyuk, Bogdan Benyuk and other artists came to the regional hospital of war veterans at the meeting with fighters. Tours were organized at the Volyn Icon Museum, Lutsk Castle, paintings workshops conducted by renowned local artists.

The project “Honor I Have” is intended to honor the memory of the people who entered the history of the Volyn region. In particular, in January 2015, a tribute was given to the member of EuroMaydan, the Hero of the ATO, Rustam Hamraev. And in November there was an evening of memory of the state, public and political figure, the founder of the Foundation “Ridna Volyn” Boris Klimchuk.

Last year, the fund participated in various charitable events. In particular, in the action “Mother of the deceased hero” (in conjunction with the Union of Veterans of Afghanistan), the festival “Volyn Blagovist”. The Fund sponsored an excursion of 18 children in Kyiv. Also together with Lutsk city council was co-organizer of the festival “Embroidered unions”.

Last year, the Ridna Volyn Foundation founded the Boris Klimchuk Prize. The first her nominee was the posthumous Hero ATO from Manevich Andrei Snitko, who covered a grenade, saving his brothers. The second prize on the eve of the new year was received by the staff of the Volyn Icon Museum for the preservation and restoration of the Holm miraculous icon of the Virgin.

Particular attention was focused on work on the book Boris Klimchuk: “I am the son of Volyn land.”

Dmitry Glazunov thanked everyone who helped the fund, in particular, the family of Boris Klimchuk, patrons. She spoke about new initiatives, plans for this year. In January, the project “Taking Care of a Neighbor” started. The idea was suggested by the daughter of Boris Klimchuk, Julia Trots, offering at the bottom of the religious holidays after serving in the temples to feed the poorest people. So, on the Baptistery on the Theater Square in Lutsk, field cuisine was expanded, and Ridna Volyn took over the cost of food.

According to Dmitry Glazunov, the support of many residents of the regional center caused an appeal to the Lutsk City Council to name one of the streets in honor of Boris Klimchuk. Older people who do not know how to sign up under an e-petition come to the Foundation to testify to their approval of such an initiative.

– Regardless of what solution will be, we are grateful to the Volynians. The monument to the father is the good deeds he has made – schools, roads, and other objects. Today we pass Dmitry Glazunov’s “keys” from “Ridna Volyn”. From now on, the Foundation is not associated with the name of Boris Klimchuk, with our family. But we believe that “Ridna Volyn”, which is going through its second birthday, will continue to work for the benefit of the Volynians, “Julia Trots expressed hope.