Saint Mykolay

How much human happiness is needed?

The issue is rhetorical, especially when it concerns children.
Today I got a lot of pleasure from the fact that for the first time in our city we realized the idea of ​​a charitable and original project with the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” for children – in the role of the Miracle Worker Nikolay gave presents to children who were riding in taxis, trolleybuses or simply were on the streets Lutsk

It was necessary to see the surprised faces of children and their parents, when on stops, the Miracle Mykolay went to the bus and just so, gave the boys and girls (and sometimes to the pregnant mothers) the consecrated icons of Saint Mykolay with prayer, delicious honeypots “Mikolajichi” with sincere wishes of good, good luck, well-being and harmony in homes and peace and tranquility in Ukraine.

Sincere smiles and children’s joy from unexpected gifts on the street and in public transport, warmed up the heart and soul for several hours of warm communication with the kids. I would like to thank the head of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” Dmytro Glazunov, who has allocated funds for the acquisition of “Mykolaychik” and an understanding of the need for the implementation of this charitable “street” project to create a small particle of good for children.

We will not be indifferent, we will create and do good more often, and especially children, and it will return to all God’s grace.

For, as stated in the prayer on the sacred and gifts given to children by the icon of St. Wonderworker Nicholas, which is a prototype of the creation of good for people: WE ENJOY THE OWNER OF THE OCCASION OF MYKOLA, AND CHANGE THE HOLY MEMORY THROUGH YOU: MORE FOR OUR CHRIST OF OUR GOD.

I was really tired, but was really happy that I managed to make happy young strangers, their parents and, just, strangers. I hope that with God’s help, this, the first, “street” charity event will be realized the second year on the eve of December 19 and will become a good tradition in our city.