Speech by Sergey Mikhalka in “Adrenaline City”

As it always happens on the performances of famous people, the concert was delayed for a good hour. Those present stubbornly waited and reacted vigorously to applauds for any movement on the stage – changing the color of the floodlights or checking the microphones.

When on the stage they appeared – Sergei Mikhalok and the company – the hall just exploded with emotions.

True, the frozen guests of the concert, long “rolled”. The first songs “rocked”, but did not “tear” the hall.

Each song was represented by a vocalist in several lines about mythical creatures (to disassemble, what it was saying, it was difficult – acoustics in the hall “eaten” words).

The real “furor” caused the old good and well-known hits of Lyapisa: “When the apple blossoms”, “Metelitsa”, “You threw” and, of course, “Green Eagle Taxi”. For the last song Mikhalkov even apologized to Boyarsky for having sang his hit.

The hall was divided into two fan zones. In the first – all shook under the stage. And in the second, which was a little further, there was a full “thrash” – a pile of free space allowed the present, in spite of the cold, throw out outerwear, jump, dance and frankly creak from the performance.

By the way, the concert was attended by 10 fighters who are undergoing rehabilitation at the regional hospital of invalids. The cultural leisure for soldiers within the framework of the program “Art Therapy” was organized by the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” with the assistance of the Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Vitaliy Ivanytsky.

Dmitry Glazunov, the head of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”, said that the project “Arts Therapy” thanks to such concerts effectively helps the spiritual rehabilitation of fighters. After all, warriors need not only physical but also psychological treatment. “