Stepan Giga has been artistic therapy with ATO fighters.

As part of the charity project “Art Therapy”, which is being implemented by the regional charity fund “Ridna Volyn” with the assistance of the Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Vitaliy Ivanytsky, Volyn fighters undergoing rehabilitation after the fighting in eastern Ukraine at the regional hospital of the disabled, visited the Volyn Regional Drama Theater T.G. Shevchenko at the concert of one of the best singers in our state, People’s Artist of Ukraine Stepan Gigi.

For more than thirty years as a singer and composer, the only one in Ukraine, the owner of the most prestigious award among the artists of the song genre – two gold discs, Stepan Giga, carries his song for the people of Ukraine and abroad.

In the program of the concert, which lasted two and a half hours and took place “on Hurray”, accompanied by the group “My Friends” also participated: young talented singer, honored artist of Ukraine Kvitoslav (daughter of the artist), honored artist of pop art Stepan Giga Jr. and humorist, Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Melnyk.

Stepan Giga conducted this song therapy therapy of spiritual healing not only for soldiers who now heal wounds in the hospital of invalids, but also for all spectators of the crowded auditorium of the drama theater, who, in a gust of gratitude, rewarded the artist for his popular songs songs and new songs.

It is pleasant to note that the famous song “Yavorina”, which Stepan Giga wrote together with the famous poet, songwriter Stepan Galyarbard, at the festival of Ukrainian pop song “On the waves of Svityaz” directly on Svityaz Lake, the artist devoted himself to his fellows on creativity, who are now residing in the kingdom of heaven – Nazariyu Yaremchuk, Yuriy Bogatykov, Vyacheslav Khursenko, Andriy Kuzmenko, Dmitry Hnatyuk, and this, a peculiar song anthem in memory, all the audience were touchingly perceived standing.

All the soldiers who visited the holidays of music and songs received autographs from Stepan Gigi and wishes for an early recovery and expressed their gratitude to the organizers of this concert – meetings for true artistic therapy, which inspires faith in improving their health and effectively and positively helps them to restore their spirituality. equilibrium

After the concert, the head of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” Dmitry Glazunov expressed his opinion on the further continuation of the charitable project “Art Therapy”, because such art therapy, through the music and song, really helps to improve the psychological state of the wounded soldiers.

Stepan Giga. after a touching conversation with the fighters, expressed his desire to come to the concert directly to the regional hospital of the disabled in order to morally support the defenders of Ukraine, for which wounded soldiers took the initiative of a popular singer with applause.