Swimming at Styr was mortally dangerous

Two years ago, in Stir, near the central beach of Lutsk, a dipped holidaymaker was confused with algae. Recently, the rescuers pulled out a guy who was also tangled in these plants and panicked. Fortunately, that time everything went wrong …

Algae here reach lengths up to three meters. They represent an invisible deadly invisible danger to swimmers. To make the sailing safe for the city’s guests and visitors – the initiative for the second consecutive year is the head of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” and HGO “Volyn Regional Hospital” Dmitry Glazunov, the site of the Tabloid Volyn website.

“I regularly visit this place for swimming, charging, and I know this problem with my family. So, we have entered into an agreement, and for two consecutive days the rescue group DNSN in the Volyn region will conduct a raid to clear the water area of ​​the central beach of Lutsk. And we pay for these works “, – said Dmitry Glazunov.

Already, the “catch” of divers: wicker algae, twice the size of human growth, branch, glass bottles, plastic and other household waste. And if natural garbage, for example, water plants, branches, overgrown trees appear in water from the circumstances independent of the person, then the significant contribution to the clutter of the river make themselves vacationers, which prevents comfortable bathing. Such events will be held regularly, – assured the organizer Dmitry Glazunov.