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First prize named after Borys Klimchuk

Voice of Ukraine, # 183, October 2, 2015
Because of the imperfection of the current legislation, the hero Andrij Snitko, who in the battle covered a grenade and thereby saved the brothers, who posthumously marked the first Boris Klimchuk Award, does not have any state awards.

The adopted mother Raisa Khalik can not get the money paid to the families of those killed in the ATO...

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Heroes do not die: Manevichs spent the evening in memory of Andrew Snitka

Two years have elapsed since the death of the 18-year-old native of the village of Gorayimovka, Manevitsky district Andriy Snitko, died heroically after Ilovaysk. The guy covered himself with a grenade and, at the cost of his own life, saved his brothers.

On August 21, in the Manevichi village, in the framework of the project “Honor I Have!”, The Ridna Volyn charity fund spent the evening in memory “Heroes do not die”, organized by the chairman of the charity fund Dmitry Glazunov, scriptwriter and director’s performance was performed by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaly Ivanitsky.

Mother Andrew Snitka Raisa Kh...

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