The collection of signatures began: the Volyn teacher could posthumously become the Hero of Ukraine

Volyn teacher Yuriy Lelyukov want to award the title of Hero of Ukraine. 34 years ago, a man, donating his life, saved 26 tenth-grade students.

At the lesson of military training at Ivanychiv school number 2, a teacher got into the hands of a grenade, which would have been educational, but turned out to be combat. Yuri Anatolyevich had four seconds to meditate, and he made a decision: he closed the grenade himself, in order to save the lives of his students.

Her husband’s feat did not appreciate either the Soviet Union or the independence period of Ukraine. In order to protect this memory and appreciate the courageous act, the teacher wants to award the highest state award. Such initiative was given by Dmytro Glazunov, the chairman of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” in Lutsk.

Due to the fund, in November, Yuriy Lelyukov’s evening was held. The hall of the Lutsk Palace of Culture was completely filled up, and the initiative to award the title was supported by all spectators.

“We appeal to the President of Ukraine to apply for this title posthumously, since the feat of Yuriy Lelikukov deserves the highest state reward of our country. At the evening of memory in the speeches of relatives, colleagues, teachers of the students the main idea was traced – his deed was not really appreciated. This did not happen in Soviet times, and not now, when the country is independent, “said Dmitry Glazunov.

In order to properly evaluate the Hero, the charity fund organized a collection of signatures among the Volynians. On Wednesday, December 6, the head of the fund, Dmitry Glazunov, signed the petition.

You can cast your vote on the site of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” in the section of announcements. There is an original appeal to the President and a signature collection form. It can be printed out simply from the site and start collecting signatures. You can also come to the fund’s premises and get samples of forms.

Collecting signatures will last until the New Year. The filled in forms must be transferred to the office of the charity fund. The room is located at: Lutsk, Chopin street, 12a / 3, tel: 24-11-02.

Dmitry Glazunov calls on the Volynians and all those who are not indifferent to join this noble action and to help on charity. Recall that recently the evening of Yuriy Lelikukov’s memory was held within the framework of the project “Honor to me”, which is organized by the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”.

“Honor I” is an attempt to unite society around the eternal human values, and not around politics and money. The formation of any personality must begin with a respectful attitude to its roots, history, memory of those who are not already. Everything starts with the elementary things: from the tomb that was removed, the services in the church “, – says the head Dmitry Glazunov.

By the way, such a project is the only one in the Volyn region. In addition, the project made efforts to award the title of Hero of Ukraine Andrew Snitka, who died heroically. Then the charity fund also spent an evening of memory in Manevich and signed an appeal to the President of Ukraine. Also in the framework of this project, an evening was organized for the memory of the many-time leader of the Lutsk School of Culture and Arts Victor Ceblin.

One of the most ambitious events of the project “Honor to me” was the September Festival of songs Vyacheslav Khursenko. The festival of 2018 will be remembered by the connoisseurs of the songs of the famous singer not only by spectacular performances, but also by the presentation of the book about Vyacheslav Khursenko, which is being prepared in the fund.