The evening of remembrance of the deceased soldier of the battalion of territorial defense “Aidar” Rustam Khamraev

Today in the hotel complex “Zaleski” an evening of memory of the deceased soldier was carried out by the battalion of territorial defense “Aidar” Rustam Khamraev. The event was organized within the framework of the new project “Honor to me”, launched by the charity fund “Ridna Volyn”. The head of the fund, Dmitry Glazunov, said that he had decided to honor Rustam Hamraev first, because he had personally known this courageous husband since childhood. Subsequently, organization of other evenings of memory is planned, during which they will talk about the fate of famous kraiians.

Volodymyr Gunchyk, Mayor Mykola Romanyuk, the battle fellow Andrei Omelchuk, Vyacheslav Bakulin, Sergey Kovalchuk, Oleg Tverdokhlib, volunteers, friends and relatives of the deceased hero came to commemorate Rustam Khamraev’s memory.

They sincerely thanked the parents of the deceased hero Shoniosos and Antoni Hamraev for his son. The attendees recalled how Rustam was one of the first to leave for Maidan to defend Ukraine’s independence, wounding him there. But already, a brave countryman defended Ukraine’s integrity as part of the Aidar Battalion of Territorial Defense. In the ATO region, he went with volunteers to his brothers, and on June 17, he died in the Luhansk region near the town of Metallist. By the decree of the President of Ukraine, he was posthumously awarded the Order “For Courage” of the III degree.

Volodymyr Gunchik in his speech emphasized that the life of Rustam Khamraev, as a citizen and patriot, does not end, because he put it on the altar of freedom of Ukraine, showed by his actions how to live.

Mykola Romanyuk thanked the organizers for a new, interesting, patriotic project and expressed the most sincere words of gratitude to his parents. “Thank you, my dear mother, for bringing up the son of a patriot, a man with a capital letter. He and the other guys who have given life for us, for the state, will forever remain in the memory that will be passed from generation to generation, “he said.

The mother of the deceased hero Antonina Hamraeva said that her son had had a sense of justice and the need to help the weaker from the early childhood, and he also had great respect for the people in the military form, so when it was necessary to protect the homeland, he went to war without hesitation. And, apparently, he felt that he would perish because he left a packet pack for Alisher’s son, in which there was a helmet from the Maidan, and a note in which it says: “Remember me, son.”

The son of the deceased hero Alisher Hamraev remembered painfully how they walked, rested and communicated with their nuns. The father for his son has always been an example for imitation, which is why now the boy wants to study at the military lyceum, become an officer, defend Ukraine. Mykola Romanyuk and Volodymyr Gunchik assured the boy that he would help him realize this dream. And after finishing the evening of memory, he received a tablet as a gift.