The teacher who perished for the sake of students wants to give the title of hero of Ukraine

In Lutsk, the Volyn teacher Yuriy Lelyukov was honored, who donated himself, rescued 26 students.

Evening of memory “Volyn Heroes of Peaceful Time Yuriy Lelyukov” was held at the Palace of Culture of Lutsk on November 28, writes Rayon.Lutsk.

The event was held within the framework of the project “Honor I May,” the organizer of which was the head of the charity fund “Ridna Volyn” Dmytro Glazunov. Director-producer – Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitaly Ivanytsky.

The teacher of Ivanichesk school №2 committed a heroic act on November 29, 34 years ago.

It was the usual Thursday of 1983. This morning, Yuriy Lelyukov shaved, breakfast, kissed his wife and went to work. He taught military training. That day, the replacement of the last lesson took place and he fell into classes for ten students.

At the lesson, he talked about the principle of hand grenade action, there were three dummies near him, which he gave the military committee for classes with children, one of them showed them a grenade in a cut, in the other he skillfully pulled out the ring. He heard a click, followed by a slight smoke. Such a click could have been given only by a military grenade, as he knew the true border guard, that he had at most four seconds. One was enough to look out the window on the third floor. There, below, were younger schoolchildren, they still had enough time to make a decision.

He did it, rushed to the corner, turned away from the kids, locked the grenade and then there was an explosion. The windows shone, the plaster was scattered, and eternity took Yuri Nikolayevich’s life. By his deed he saved not only those 26 tens, but also those children who were in the courtyard, teachers and children who were in the next classes.

After checking educational institutions, such military grenades were found in 14 schools. It’s scary to even imagine how many people could perish. Yuriy Lelyukov made a pious teacher, an officer and a man, so his merits are very respectful.

Resolution of the evening was an appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. “We want to appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which will discuss how to give Yuriy Lelikuk the title of Hero of Ukraine posthumously,” said Dmitry Glazunov.

“It needs not to be dead, it needs to be alive,” said Dmitry Glazunov, who believes that Lelikum’s feat has not been evaluated either now or now. Such a statement caused loud applause in the hall of the Palace of Culture.

Many teachers have already written and said about teachers. In the west, the audience was shown a film about Yuriy Lelikukov “For four seconds before winter”. It was created by a pupil of a teacher Maria Andrushko. The film is imbued with the memories of his wife, relatives, colleagues at work and all who knew Lelyukov. Especially for him picked up songs that a man loved.

Yura Lelyukov took a well-informed decision, and first of all he did not think about himself, but about others, – said his teacher of geography, Katerina Levytska.

“As a teacher, I have never set myself the goal of distinguishing one of the students: young lively, inquisitive. Now I remember Yuri, he was too serious in his childhood. He was speedy, kind, he could always help others. I recall such an episode that would have been worthy of Yuri’s life.

During one hike, when going around the class, the conditions were not the best, then all froze. After that, Jura approached me and asked: “Katerina Ivanovna, do not tell my mom that we were not very well here”. He worried about his mother, and to his classmates said: “Try only to say at home that it was bad, then nobody will take us more in a trip.” This was Yura, worried in the first place for others, “said teacher Kateryna Levytska.

I came to honor the teacher and student of that 10th class – Victor Nikonenko. According to her husband, thanks to Yuri Anatolyevich he and his classmates lived to gray hair.

“From the lesson of military subtleties, we went one topic ahead. Yuriy Anatolyevich spoke about grenades: what happens, what to do with them. We also jokingly said that this is a military grenade. When he opened it, then the smoke went off and there was an explosion, we did not even have time to understand what happened. We all ran out of class, then turned and saw that the teacher was already dead. The explosion was so strong that even magazines were dropped out of class.

Not all of our students are alive, but when we meet, we always remember it with a good word. Thanks to him we lived to the gray “, – Viktor Nikonenko shared his memories.

Since 1983 Ivanichiv school №2 is named after Yuriy Lelyukov. In addition, each year the institution honors the hero: spend days of memory and patriotic weeks. In the school there is a museum of Yuriy Lelikukov, where he collected many things and works of the teacher.

Daughter of Yuriy Lelyukov Olesya thanked all spectators and organizers of the action:

“Thank you to everyone who for the first time in 34 years organized such an event at the regional level. If you did not, my dad would only have been mentioned at Ivanychiv school and on November 29th. That day, nothing was foreshadowing, it was a simple day, such as today. A simple person went for a simple job to teach children, we could not even imagine what could happen. I want to say that you need to live one day